Benefits of using email marketing for your business.

You might be using Pinterest or other social media platforms to bring in leads, but are you closing the deal when the leads get to your website? For many business owners getting leads to stick around or buy services fail when the relationship between the business and the lead does not blossom. This is where email marketing comes into play. Email marketing is a tried and true way to build, nurture, and convert leads. Are you interested in learning how email marketing can be beneficial to your business? Then read on as I outline five ways email marketing can help your business.

  • Email marketing helps build relationships. Businesses that offer a more “human touch or feel” are more appealing to consumers. Why?  Because giving off that human aspect creates a “human” relationship. Consumers are more likely to feel that the brand gets them or relates to them. And the more someone can relate to something, the stronger the relationship becomes.
  • Email marketing can create engagement around your brand. Sometimes when people get on your email list, it is simply to get your freebie, and that’s it. They might utilize your freebie and not remember you or your brand. So how do you keep your name and brand out there? By sending follow up emails. Maybe check-in and see how they liked the freebie. Ask them for ideas on future freebies. Ask for improvements or suggestions. All of these things keep your name and your business fresh in the subscriber’s mind and can lead to them reaching out to you.
  • Email marketing can help bring awareness to your services. Let’s be honest; every one that visits your website is not going to visit your service page. Some of your website visitors probably have no clue as to what you do because they only came for your freebie. No worries, once they are on your email list, you can educate them that way. Start by creating and sending them email content like newsletters, an update on what you are currently working on, a new service that you are offering, or remind them of the services that you offer now. The possibilities are endless, but make sure that you are consistent and clear about what services you offer.

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